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Uniting Leading Pharmaceutical Scientists, Model Developers & Academic Leaders to Share Insights & to Pave the Path Forward

The overwhelmingly positive feedback and commentary from 2018’s meeting, has cemented the 3D series as the premier event for pharmaceutical scientists seeking to explore the impact and directions for 3D systems in IO and oncology programs.

Its success has been the result of its ability to uniquely merge its strategic focus, scientific quality, and progressive nature of its presentations and discussions shared.

Unlike other meetings which only skim the surface of this topic or explore these systems from design, 3D Tissue Models Oncology is a dedicated conference that explores a singular theme: The true utility and translatability of 3D tumor models within drug research.

This year, there will be even greater opportunity for open discussion and interactive debate. You can expect 6 distinct topic deep-dives, 7 hours of  strategy breakouts 15+ thought provoking presentations and so much more.

Whether you’ve already established 3D models into your efforts or are just about to, plug into a ready-made network of peers.

Join alongside leading scientists who continue to redefine this area and are solving the biggest scientific and organisational barriers to use.

Who attended in 2018