May 8 – 10, 2018

Boston, MA

Day One
Wednesday May 9th, 2018

Day Two
Thursday May 10th, 2018

Chairs Opening Remarks

Characterizing the Utility of 3D Models in Oncology and IO Research

Requirements for Improved Preclinical Models for More Rapid Clinical Development in Immuno-Oncology


  • From 2D to 3D to mice showcasing the inefficiencies of preclinical models in IO therapy as inadequate in selecting optimal combination strategies
  • Exploring the ideal characteristics of a model for preclinical assessment of cancer immunotherapy
  • Highlighting a need to shift business models to allow therapeutic companies to evaluate these models with lower risk

3D In Vitro Systems for Translational Oncology: Opportunities and Challenges


  • Preclinical systems (cell lines, patient-derived xenografts) can be used to develop hypotheses for clinical biomarkers, but there are limitations
  • Complex in vitro biological systems can potentially have an important place, particularly for immune-oncology
  • It is important to build confidence in the translatability of complex in vitro biological systems

Morning Refreshments and Networking

Utilizing 3D Models to Profile Sensitivity and Resistance