May 8 – 10, 2018

Boston, MA

About Event

Uniting Leading Pharmaceutical Scientists, Model Developers & Academic Leaders to Share Insights & to Pave the Path Forward

The 3D Tissue Model conference series has quickly cemented itself as the premier industry-specific event exploring the use of 3D models.

Its success has been the result of its ability to uniquely merge its strategic focus, scientific quality, and progressive nature of its presentations and discussions shared. Unlike other meetings which only skim the surface of this topic or explore these systems from a bioengineering perspective, 3D Tissue Models is a dedicated conference that explores a singular theme: The true utility and applicability of 3D Tissue Models within biopharmaceutical research.

Representing the first disease-area specific expansion of the conference series, 3D Tissue Models Oncology has been collaboratively designed and developed with over 30 biopharmaceutical organizations. Driven through pharmaceutical insights of early adopters, the meeting will explore the variety of questions and challenges that remain to be addressed including; platform validity, standardization, scaling and automation.

It will facilitate an environment that enables open and interactive debate to ensure thought-provoking discussions and unparalleled networking opportunities for all attendees.

Our mission remains, to reinvigorate drug discovery and development by providing a forum that explores the advent of the variety of models now at our fingertips and openly debates the translational, organizational and development barriers preventing their adoption and use.

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